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Yokohama fenders

In seaports commonly used are rubber fender systems in fixed positions or floating fenders. Large seagoing vessels use generally no fenders themselves for the mooring in the port. The exception is, for instance, when a bunker boat comes alongside, or when tankers are berthing at sea alongside each other to take over loads. In these situations, pneumatic fenders are often used.

Yokohama fenders are a type of cylindrical airbags with hemispherical heads at both ends. The body construction consists of several layers vulcanized rubber, filled with compressed air through which the fender will float on the water.


FenderTec offers three standard type of (pneumatic) Yokohama fenders:


1. Pneumatic fender with tire net

2. Pneumatic fender sling

3. Pneumatic fender ribbed

The standard color of the Pneumatic rubber fender is black. In addition to the standard types FenderTec can – on request – deliver foam filled fenders, grey color Pneumatic fenders and hydro Pneumatic fenders.

Features pneumatic fender

  • High energy absorption with a low reaction force
  • Adjust performance by varying internal pressure
  • Chains and tire net protection for heavy duty use
  • Standard galvanized chains, shackles and swivel joints
  • Suitable for areas with tidal difference
  • Low maintenance
  • Low transportation costs
  • Manufactured in accordance with the ISO17357:2014

Iso 17357 Approved Pneumatic fender

A: ISO 17357 approved
All FenderTec Pneumatic fenders comply with the requirements of ISO 17357, ensuring high performance and high quality.

B: Towing ring, flange, shackle and swivel
Standard fitted with a towing ring, flange, shackle and swivel in galvanised steel. Optional: towing ring, flange and swivel also available in stainless steel.

C: Air inlet and safety valve
Air inlet standard with ISO 17357. Safety valve standard installed as of larger sizes or on customer requirements.


D: Initial internal pressure
Standard initial internal pressure of 0.5 Bar (50kPa). Optional: available with initial internal pressure of 0.8 Bar (80 kPa).

E: Tire net
Tire net of car/truck tires with horizontal and vertical chains as a net. Chains covered by rubber sleeves to prevent damage to the skip. Optional: high protection net also available with aricraft tires and tires covering the shoulder area.

F: Pads for protection
Optional: inner pads for the tires for extra protection.

Safety valve

The safety valve is standard installed on Pneumatic fenders from diameter Ø 2500 mm x length L= 4000 mm.
Setting pressure for safety valve for standard Pneumatic fenders with internal pressure of 0.5 Bar (50 kPa) is 175 kPa.
For Pneumatic fenders with internal pressure of 0.8 Bar (80 kPa) safety valve setting pressure is 230 kPa.

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